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12.10.17 Photo's from the new Ski Center in Schuchinsk

The construction of the National Ski Center, located in Schuchinsk town (250 km north of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana) is nearing completion. Putting into operation is planned in the 3rd quarter of 2018, but today the modern ski center is almost ready for the upcoming winter season, during which it is planned to test the operation of the various life-support systems of the complex. 

Photo's by "Lyzhnyi Schuchinsk"(Ski Schuchinsk). 09.10.2017.

The first thing that catches your eyes are ski jumping hills. The hills are visible almost from any point of the town.

The ski jumping complex K 125 and K 90 is equipped by winter and summer ski track in one module and special covering of mountain landing for summer use, so the training process can be year round.

Now about CC skiing and biathlon:





The Ski Center is equipped with a system of snowmaking of absolutely all the ski and biathlon courses (more than 20 tracks ! from 1200m to 8.3 km), which correspond to the homologation requirements for competitions in all formats of the World Cup in cross-country skiing and biathlon (the width of the courses is from 6 to 12 m). The Rollerski track with a length of more than 6 km has the same serious profile and width. The shooting range with 30 firing points is equipped with Kurvinen OY’s electronic control system for shooting targets. Stadium, shooting range and all tracks have lighting.
Powerful groomers "Pisten Bully" are used for the preparation of courses and jumping hills in winter.

Pipes for snowmaking system. Reservoir for snow preparation.

Strengthening of slopes

Ski-biathlon stadium, start|finish area.

The infrastructure of the Center includes a hotel for 200 person, a cafe, gyms, a 25-meter swimming pool, a medical rehabilitation center, a pavilion for judges, a pavilion for teams with warm locker rooms, toilets, wax rooms connected by an underground passage to the stadium.


Standart room for athletes. Cafe for 250+ person. Kitchen.


Swimming pool

The medical-rehabilitation center                                               Administration building

Room for TD and Jury on the 3rd floor above stadium.

The new season has already scheduled a series of competitions: National Championships on biathlon and cross-country skiing, Summer National Rollerski Championship, the other competitions, which will be included in the international calendars of the FIS and IBU in 2019.

 Photo from test race (National Championship), 2015.


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